The Time Has Come to Experience Fear...

The Terrors From Beyond Haunt is preparing for a new LARGER Haunt. Look for us to Resurrect in September of 2014. Get on our Mailing List today to get special updates and be the First in line for our Grand Opening.

The new Haunt will be one the Best in the area with Professional spooky scenes and monsters brought in from their Graves.......

Our Haunt has been taunting the heart and accelerating the pulse of mortals for over 4 years.  It is frighteningly suspenseful for the innocent and the faint of heart, with wall-to-wall cobwebs and a collection of ghost, zombies, and ghouls.  You will never know when or where someone or something will scream or greet you, postmortem.

Terrors From Beyond is a Haunt that started small and has grown into an entertaining show.  One of our main goals is to benefit the community, McHenry County, IL. 

Another of our goals is to have fun.  With the help of volunteers from Action Kung Fu, we are able to have a great display every Halloween  There will be a section just for kids and another section just for adults.

Terrors From Beyond is looking for sponsorships and donations from local businesses and individuals. Any individual or business that would like to discuss sponsorships or donations is encouraged to visit the Sponsors page and contact us at:  All contributors will be listed prominently on our display board during the haunt and on our website for the duration of the Halloween season.  Check out our many sponsorship options.

Sign up for our mailing list so that you can see what is happening next.  Your participation and support is greatly appreciated.

Now your Ghost Host is waiting at the ‘About Us section where he will conduct you on a tour of this sanctuary for the disembodied.

Feel free to browse the site and good luck, mortal.